Empowering the ISPs with Alepo’s Advanced Data Network Monetization Solution

Solution Brief Overview

Internet usage today demands high bandwidth consumption. The adoption of streaming and other over-the-top (OTT) apps continues to increase. Networks often struggle to keep up with increasing network demands at competitive prices. Alepo’s Data Network Monetization Solution helps ISPs preserve network integrity with more granular, personalized, and contextual offerings. It provides detailed insights into customer behavior and usage patterns, letting ISPs identify and fill market gaps.

This solution brief discusses how Alepo’s Data Network Monetization Solution facilitates ISPs to respond to ever-increasing demand for data by providing advanced business plans. These differentiated plans help monetize the data network, enabling ISPs to maximize ROI with customer-centric offers and solutions.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the data monetization market and Alepo’s solution
Industry insights demonstrate that differentiated offerings can be the revenue boost ISPs need today. Alepo’s solution helps ISPs maximize network efficiency, support advanced plans such as FUP, enable data rollover, enable real-time updates, and more.

Discover the benefits of Alepo’s Data Monetization Solution
The monetization platform drives revenue through granular plans based on consumption, accelerating time to market of new offerings, unifying the operator’s business and technical teams, improving customer satisfaction to reduce churn, and more.

Learn about the solution components and how they work
The solution is pre-integrated with Alepo’s industry-leading AAA Server and the Data Network Monetization platform, including PCRF, product catalog, promotions manager, and more. Each of these components contribute to optimizing the network and driving ROI.

Get to know what use cases the solution enables
Alepo’s data network monetization platform supports a host of advanced use cases, including a robust fair-use policy, unlimited allowances, speed boosts, throttling, build-your-own data passes, data gifting, and much more. Get a detailed understanding of how each of these use cases works along with examples.

Know what makes Alepo’s solution the ideal platform for ISPs
Alepo provides a zero-impact solution that ensures existing services are not disrupted. The solution is rapidly deployed, and Alepo provides ongoing 24x7x365. Further, Alepo designs a best-fit solution to cater to every ISP’s unique business requirements.

Data Network Monetization
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