South American operator completes country’s first 5G network deployment with Alepo digital transformation

Case Study Overview

The operator is a leading triple-play provider known for its high-quality fiber broadband and digital TV services. It turned to Alepo to help modernize its offerings. The service provider wanted to introduce innovative new services, including the launch of LTE and 5G networks. Operating in a heavily cash-based economy, it also wanted to provide a compelling digital customer experience to encourage more online payments. The operator partnered with Alepo to roll out a phased digital transformation, enabling the 5G network deployment and a host of other features.

This case study details how Alepo helped the operator drive success, providing a converged platform for its new and existing services, including LTE, 5G, IPTV, and fixed broadband.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the project background
The project was rolled out in phases. The first phase provided a single unified platform to help the operator deliver, manage, and monetize its fiber, IPTV, and LTE services. The second implemented automations to streamline support, including a WhatsApp chatbot integration. The third enabled deployment of the country’s first 5G network.

Understand the operator’s requirements
The operator wanted to modernize its network by digitizing workflows and improving overall customer experience. Alepo was asked to enable the launch of a new LTE and 5G network, deploy a converged billing platform to manage all services, and digitize CX with omnichannel self-care.

Learn more about Alepo’s solution
Alepo’s digital transformation included converged billing and charging for all the operator’s networks, work order automation, features that enable digital CX, and more.

Know what business use cases it enabled
Alepo’s WhatsApp chatbot integration lets the operator send broadcast messages while granting letting customers access various support features. The deployment supports advanced 5G and LTE network offerings such as QoS-based plans, and much more.

Discover the project outcomes
Within the first few months, online subscriber sessions doubled for the LTE service and there were significant new sign-ups for 5G. The deployment enabled rapid service monetization and helped increase overall revenue. It also helped lower operational expenses and bolster CX.

5G Network Deployment
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