TTC modernizes network with Alepo’s phased digital transformation

Case Study Overview

Alepo’s digital transformation enables telcos to remain competitive and relevant, helping them modernize their services through reinvention. By implementing Alepo’s NFV-compliant and 5G-ready Digital BSS, they can offer advanced digital services across conventional and newly emerging channels. It lets operators transform the customer experience, streamline processes by introducing automation, improve customer relationship management by increasing engagement, increase sales conversions, create new revenue streams with more partnership opportunities, support high-value next-gen use cases, and more.

Alepo gives telcos such as Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation (TTC) the option to roll out in phases, investing as they grow. TTC partnered with network solutions expert Blue Arcus to upgrade to Alepo’s Digital BSS. The phase-wise digital transformation provided a single convergent platform for all of TTC’s network offerings, reducing costs, boosting CX, supporting future growth, and more.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the project background
TTC wanted to enhance their offerings by upgrading from its legacy ADSL network to LTE and WiFi to improve connectivity and enable faster speeds for its customers. It partnered with Blue Arcus to help upgrade to Alepo’s Digital BSS, which provided the unique ability to deploy in phases. TTC first validated key use cases, then migrated all services (fixed-line, GSM, LTE, and WiFi) to Alepo’s convergent platform.

Understand TTC’s key requirements
The operator wanted Alepo to provide a digital BSS platform to support high-speed data and a consistent network experience no matter what phones their customers use. To enable this, it listed a host of requirements from Alepo’s platform, including support for feature phones as well as support for newer handsets, convergent billing and charging, a single web interface for subscribers for all services, and more.

Gain insights into Alepo’s digital transformation solution for TTC
Alepo, in partnership with Blue Arcus, employed a phased approach to deploy its Digital BSS, AAA and Enterprise Management System (AAA EMS), WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP), web and mobile self-care, and more.

Learn how Blue Arcus and Alepo’s solution helped TTC drive ROI
The deployment was completed ahead of schedule, enabling TTC to swiftly deploy its innovative new services even for customers that used previous-generation phones.

Discover the project outcomes
TTC was able seamlessly migrate all its offerings to Alepo’s converged platform with zero downtime. In addition to improving network and customer experience, it was also able to reduce costs.

Digital Transformation - TTC
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