Webinar: Transforming Customer Experience and Embracing Generative AI

Webinar Overview

Welcome to the Future of Customer Service!

In this must-watch webinar, “Transforming Customer Experience and Embracing Generative AI,“ we delve into the power of generative AI in revolutionizing customer experience. Hear from a panel of experts, including a key customer and a telecoms industry-leading customer experience research analyst, on how AI is enabling digital transformation with human-like interactions to reshape customer experience.

Webinar Highlights

Cavell Group Customer Experience in Telecoms
Hear from the Cavell Group, a leading telecoms industry research and consulting organization, about current trends and challenges in customer experience and how AI is poised to address them.

Lüm Mobile’s Digital-First Strategy
Hear directly from Lüm Mobile, a brand of SaskTel, a leading Canadian telecommunications service provider, on how their generative AI chatbot, Lüm Bot, is setting new standards in sales and enhancing support customer experience.

Alepo’s Expertise in Generative AI
Gain insights from Alepo on implementing and optimizing safe AI solutions. Learn about best practices for integrating AI into existing systems and ensuring data security and compliance.


  • Patrick Watson, Head of Research at Cavell Group, shares research on telecom customer experience trends and the impact of emerging technologies.
  • Flora Horvath, Director of Customer Experience at Lüm Mobile, discusses how their all-digital mobile brand is leveraging AI to provide outstanding self-service.
  • Jennie-Lee Germain, Support Manager, Lüm Mobile, demonstrates Lüm Bot, their generative AI-powered Virtual Agent chatbot, and the impressive capabilities it offers.
  • Jonathan Garini, Founder and Chief Prompt Officer at Alepo, explains how Alepo’s generative AI platform enables rapid adoption of generative AI for telecom operators.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn why improving customer service is a top strategic priority for telecoms and operators of all sizes.
  • Understand consumers’ current perceptions of automated customer service systems and how generative AI can transform frustration into engagement.
  • See a demo of an AI-powered Virtual Agent chatbot in action and learn about tangible benefits realized by Lüm Mobile.
  • Discover best practices for implementing generative AI solutions from experts at Lüm Mobile and Alepo.
Learn how telecom operators can harness the power of generative AI to reduce churn, enhance revenue, cut costs, and delight your subscribers.

Why Watch

  • Gain Actionable Insights: Learn how to implement AI solutions that transform customer interactions and drive business growth.
  • Explore Real-World Examples: See how leading companies are successfully using AI to improve customer service and satisfaction.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Understand the latest trends in AI and customer experience to keep your business competitive.
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