Omnichannel Self-Care

A holistic self-service offering with multilingual omnichannel support. Offer conventional channels (IVR, USSD, SMS) as well as modern digital ones such as web self-care, mobile apps, and AI-based chatbots for popular voice assistants (Alexa, Cortana) and social platforms (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Twitter, Facebook, and more).

Personalize Digital Experience

Multiple Platforms

Let customers choose what form of self-service they prefer: from the more traditional channels to web and mobile self-care and chats through their existing social media apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Viber, and voice assistants like Alexa and Cortana. The service can be offered on any platform with API integration capabilities.

Easy Account Management

Alepo’s omnichannel self-care lets customers easily view, change, and manage their plans and services, create friends and family groups for special call rates, and view their usage history, along with a host of other digital interactions. Empower customers to take an active role in managing their accounts. Increased transparency and power to monitor and analyze account information improves customer satisfaction and helps build trust. Automated and intelligent interactions through web, mobile, and multiple social media channels further enhance the digital experience.

Targeted Promotions

Trigger personalized offerings to target the right customer segment at the right time. With advanced analytics, operators can display contextual advertisements to drive deeper engagement and earn higher revenues and ARPU.

Point-Based Rewards

Deliver out-of-the-box brand experience with unique personalized incentives. Run loyalty rewards programs to achieve your business goals and make customers feel special with a range of rewards to choose from such as cashback, points, vouchers, gifts or letting them redeem their points towards extra data or services.

customer-centric omnichannel

Empower Customers

Automated Digital Onboarding

Fasttrack subscriber acquisition through automated self-onboarding. Customers can use the app to signup for a new service and/or connection, upload KYC documents, have the SIM delivered to their doorstep, activate the service, and more. A win-win functionality for operators and customers as it improves efficiency, reduces operational costs for customer onboarding and digitizes the Customer Experience.

Simplified Purchases

Boost purchases by showing the right offers based on customer interests, preferences, and inquiries through various social media platforms. The web and mobile self-care display all available services, offers, and promotions clearly, making it easier and quicker to make purchases and renewals.

Automated Support

Revolutionize your customer interactions with AI chatbots that have the ability to gauge moods and tones. These chatbots are capable of intelligent human-like conversations, giving customers an experience similar to chatting with a live assistant.

Multiple Payment Modes

Empower customers to manage their bill payments using a range of safe and secure payment options, with a host of other functionalities such as purchasing add-ons and top-ups, making payments on behalf of other subscribers, tracking their history, setting reminders for upcoming payments, and more.

Swift Complaint Redressal

Adopt an omnichannel approach for quick problem resolution, allowing customers to raise complaints through different channels like modern web self-care, mobile app and social media platforms in addition to traditional self-care channels. Alepo’s Omnichannel Self-Care lets you accept detailed complaints, along with relevant supporting documents in various formats. The category, severity, and priority of the issue can also be set, with the option to track status, and more.

Encourage Gifting

Open new revenue streams by letting customers transfer data, minutes, and money to other subscribers that are running low on balances. Customers can also gift allowances to their loved ones on special occasions. The credit transfer facility improves customer engagement and ARPU.

Parental Controls

Put more power in the customer’s hands by allowing them to view and manage their entire family’s connections from their account, including setting usage limits, time restrictions, and usage of apps. Parent accounts can control not only the family’s smartphones but all devices: tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Differentiate Your Brand

Omnichannel Experience

Take an omnichannel approach to improve customer engagement and allow customers to use their channel of choice: web portal, mobile app, WhatsApp, social media, voice assistants, IVR, and more. They can also choose between a chatbot and a live agent.

Multilingual Support

Deliver personalized experiences with the web and mobile user interfaces that support several languages, autodetecting from the application. The alignment can be switched to right-to-left if the language demands. Chatbots can also interact in multiple languages.

Modern Design

The responsive UI works seamlessly on all screens, providing uniform user experience and functionality on all devices. The open platform with modern REST APIs leverages the latest frameworks, which can be extended through configuration and scripting.

differentiate brand experience

Flexible Deployment Models

Private Cloud






Hybrid Cloud




Private Cloud






Hybrid Cloud




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docker deployment models

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News Releases

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Case Studies

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White Papers

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Customers today want to self-manage their accounts, using their preferred social platforms and apps. They will remain loyal to a service provider that delivers a simple, interactive, seamless, personalized, digital, omnichannel self-care experience. And while modern automated self-care is a customer-focused offering, it offers just as many benefits for operators. It significantly reduces costs, eases customer account management, enables personalized services, and much more. Read the blog Why every telco’s CX strategy should include omnichannel self-care to learn more.

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