Peru’s Orocom S.A.C. to deliver FTTx rural broadband with Alepo Digital BSS/OSS

Peru’s Orocom S.A.C. to deliver FTTx rural broadband with Alepo Digital BSS/OSS

  • Orocom S.A.C. is a system integrator delivering fiber access and transport networks in several regions of Peru, as part of the Regional Projects for Broadband Installation for Integral Connectivity and Social Development for Junin, Puno, Moquegua and Tacna.
  • Alepo will deploy its high-performance Digital BSS/OSS and Network Management System (NMS)
  • The deployment will enable centralized and remote management of the network
  • The project is scheduled for a September launch

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, Peru As part of its connectivity projects for rural development of ICT, leading telco Orocom S.A.C. (Orocom) has partnered with digital enablement solutions provider Alepo for a BSS/OSS and Network Management System (NMS) in the regions of Puno, Junín, Tacna y Moquegua. Alepo’s solutions will facilitate Orocom to improve efficiency by centrally managing various devices and components in the network.

Set for completion in September, the project will enable remote administration of the entire network with the monitoring of thousands of sensors, devices, and actuators. This network optimization solution will improve Orocom’s quality of service across its access and transport network sites and bring new high-speed connectivity to underserved regions, including over 600,000 citizens, 1,097 state-run school premises, 559 health facilities, and 70 police units.

The solution’s advanced reporting (OLAP) capabilities will enable Orocom to create reports and graphs based on customer profiles, plans, subscriptions, usage, operations, tickets, inventory, service orders, and more. In addition, Alepo’s Omnichannel Self-Care will offer subscribers a personalized and interactive on-device experience, through which Orocom can enable them to view account details, invoices, payment receipts, usage history, and more.

Alepo’s integrated product suite includes CRM, Product Catalog, Order Management, and Billing modules with powerful microservice architecture. In combination, these modules will manage the entire workflow, from the points of sale (POS) and order confirmation to receiving payments from subscribers. This architecture will enhance flexibility, responsiveness, and efficiency while integrating with external systems to deliver a powerful end-to-end experience.

Juan Espinosa, Director LATAM at Alepo, said, “We are excited to partner with Orocom and help them introduce new high-speed broadband access to rural areas of Peru with our BSS/OSS and network monitoring solutions. Orocom’s goals with this project are core to our mission and we’re looking forward to a long and successful relationship.”

About Orocom S.A.C.

Founded in 2018, Orocom S.A.C. is a telecommunications company responsible for developing connectivity projects in the Puno, Junín, Moquegua and Tacna regions, after being awarded the Regional Projects for Broadband Installation for Integral Connectivity and Social Development for those regions. These projects have been awarded by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) and their monitoring is in charge of the National Telecommunications Program (Pronatel).

About Alepo

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Eiasa enters high-speed FTTx market in Colombia using Alepo’s Broadband AAA

Eiasa enters high-speed FTTx market in Colombia using Alepo’s Broadband AAA

  • Called Megaya, the high-speed internet service has been launched in response to increasing demand for affordable high-quality internet services in Medellín
  • Alepo completed the deployment remotely, in partnership with system integrator Italtel, working around pandemic-related travel restrictions
  • Alepo’s solution, which includes its highly scalable AAA, DNS, and EMS, enabled Eiasa to introduce unlimited data plans, specific validity capped plans with email notifications, and more
  • Customers trying to access the network are redirected to the captive portal to purchase and renew their plans
  • The solution offers BI insights and data usage reports, enabling sound business decisions

Wednesday, March 31, 2021, Medellín, Colombia – Colombian energy company and ISP Energía Integral Andina SA (Eiasa) has introduced a high-speed internet service called Megaya to meet increasing demand in the city of Medellín. The greenfield fiber broadband network has been implemented using digital enablement solutions provider Alepo’s Broadband AAA solution, in partnership with local system integrator Italtel.

The deployment, which is partially funded by the government, provides high-quality FTTx services to underserved locations. Its affordable price point makes it especially beneficial to strata 1 and 2 populations.

As part of its standard-based solution, Alepo has deployed its AAA, DNS, and EMS to meet Eiasa’s requirements of a high-performance, reliable, hardware- and network-agnostic system. The AAA helped Eiasa introduce unlimited data plans with and without speed caps, as well as specific validity capped plans with email notifications to send customers expiration alerts. Customers trying to access the network are redirected to the captive portal to purchase and renew their plans.

Alepo’s AAA infrastructure is highly scalable, supporting Eiasa’s plans for future growth. It is geographically and locally redundant with disaster recovery to ensure high availability (99.999%). It grants full control over session speed and plans, enables advanced subscriber management, and lets Eiasa block forbidden sites. A high-performing scripting engine enables the service provider to write, implement, and run custom authentication and authorization rules in-house.

The zero-revenue-leakage system also provides BI insights and usage reports to help monitor subscriber data consumption patterns to enable Eiasa to make statistically sound business decisions.

Alepo remotely managed the entire deployment, including network configuration and all project-related communication, overcoming global travel restrictions in place due to the pandemic.

“There’s been a global shift to working from home and Medellín has been no exception to this digital evolution, considerably increasing demand for an affordable high-quality broadband network. With the launch of Megaya, we are already helping connect the unconnected and underserved with cost-effective high-speed high-QoS offerings. Alepo’s AAA offers us the flexibility to offer contextual plans and ensure customer satisfaction while maximizing ROI,” said Jeyfer Rojas, Director of Operations, Eiasa.

Juan Espinosa, Director LATAM Alepo, said, “Alepo’s AAA has enabled Eiasa to provide quality broadband services and help bridge the digital divide in Medellín. Its reporting capabilities will ensure that Eiasa is able to fully monetize the service. The scalable solution will ensure high QoS even as traffic load increases, enabling Eiasa to rapidly expand its broadband presence in Colombia.”

Myriam Ortega Angulo, Project Manager, Italtel, said, “Alepo has a rich track record in delivering innovative broadband solutions around the globe, and we are pleased to have partnered with them in helping Eiasa connect the unconnected in underserved markets in Medellín.”

Alepo has been a pioneer in building and developing AAA and virtualized AAA (vAAA) infrastructure for nearly two decades, with its solutions powering operations at several Tier-1 operators globally.

About Eiasa

Energía Integral Andina SA (Eiasa) is a technology integrator dedicated to the commercialization of energy equipment and industrial battery production, the development of engineering projects focused on electrical services, telecommunications, and civil works. Eiasa sets new standards of excellence and innovation in engineering services and solutions. The company has a presence in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, the United States, and China. The launch of its high-speed internet service, Megaya, marks its foray into the fiber broadband market in Colombia.

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About Italtel

Italtel is a multinational information and communication technology company that combines the traditional positioning in networks and communications services with the ability to innovate and develop solutions and applications for digital transformation.

Italtel designs end-to-end solutions that address key issues for productivity and business success as well as for the evolution and simplification of network infrastructures.

Its know-how on cutting-edge technologies and the ability to innovate are the outcome of a constant commitment to industrial research projects at the European, national, and regional levels in the sectors of software, telecommunications, and IT.

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Buckeye Broadband partners with Alepo to launch ad-supported free internet and public WiFi

Buckeye Broadband partners with Alepo to launch ad-supported free internet and public WiFi

  • Called FreeNet, the service lets customers access free internet at home by watching an advertisement or filling in a survey
  • The service provider directs FreeNet customers to the Alepo captive portal to access the sponsored journeys; Alepo’s WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP) facilitates Buckeye Broadband in monetizing these journeys
  • Customers can gain uninterrupted ad-free access with full-service internet from Buckeye Broadband
  • The service is especially relevant for those working or studying from home during the pandemic and to enable customers to continue accessing essential internet access when they cannot clear their bills
  • Buckeye Broadband is also providing public WiFi locations where customers can access internet by selecting from time- and speed-based free (3 Mbps) and paid (4 Mbps) journeys

Monday, March 15, 2021, Toledo, Ohio – Buckeye Broadband has partnered with award-winning revenue management software provider Alepo to introduce FreeNet, an innovative new service in Toledo, giving customers free ad-sponsored internet access. FreeNet is a key initiative for Buckeye’s mission to close the digital divide in Ohio, broadening access to reliable internet for key underserved customer segments. As part of the project, the leading broadband service provider has also launched free and paid public WiFi in its stores, with plans to extend the service to public places in Ohio.

FreeNet is northwest Ohio’s first free ad-sponsored internet service. It benefits students and customers working from home during the pandemic as well as Buckeye Broadband’s customers who may not pay their bills on time. And while it has enabled the operator to continue generating revenue through advertisements while providing internet connectivity to those who need it, it has also encouraged many customers to upgrade for ad-free browsing.

In addition to catering to existing subscribers who may not pay their bills on time continue accessing the internet, new customers can also sign up for the essential service. Users are given home internet free of charge in exchange for watching a video or completing a survey every 30 minutes. Customers gain uninterrupted access as soon as they upgrade or pay their bills.

Buckeye Broadband’s network redirects customers to the Alepo captive portal, which displays personalized offers and surveys based on the customer’s location. These sponsored journeys are managed and monetized using Alepo’s WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP), a part of its Carrier WiFi solution.

The same captive portal also enables customers visiting Buckeye Broadband stores to choose from a range of speed- and time-based free (3 Mbps) and paid (4 Mbps) WiFi journeys. The service serves as a demo for customers and is expected to increase the subscriber base.

In addition to survey responses, the WiFi SMP enables Buckeye Broadband to capture user data to generate valuable BI reports that include the number of active users, viewer count for each video, their device and browser details, login time, and more.

“This project helps us further our mission to bridge the digital divide. Plus, we’re sensitive to the fact that our customers might not always be able to clear their bills on time and we wanted to put in place a mechanism that lets them continue accessing the internet. We’re excited to have partnered with Alepo to address this concern as part of our innovative FreeNet service, which also empowers us with advanced monetization capabilities through advertisements and surveys. We are pleased with the response to the time- and speed-based public WiFi access we’ve enabled at our stores,” said Geoff Shook, President and General Manager, Buckeye Broadband.

“We are happy to collaborate with Alepo given their vast experience in helping service providers around the world. Alepo has been a flexible partner that understands our market dynamics and we’re confident that with their solution, we’ll swiftly generate high ROI,” added Shook.

Derrick Gross, President, Alepo, said, “I was really thrilled when Buckeye Broadband came to us with this innovative FreeNet idea and wanted to be a part of their unique project. Sponsored data benefits all involved parties: customers, sponsors, and, of course, the service provider. Customer loyalty and innovative marketing is increasingly a challenge for internet service providers, and our WiFi SMP overcomes this challenge by offering several flexible monetization opportunities. We are proud to support Buckeye Broadband’s launch and vision to increase broadband access to their customers, which is true to the mission of Alepo.”

The broadband provider is now working on plans to offer free public WiFi through hotspots in 16 metro parks and two stadiums (one hockey and one baseball) and hopes to extend the service to other ISPs. Alepo’s WiFi SMP supports the future launch of innovative plans based on demographics, devices, locations, and time.

The project adds to Alepo’s expanding global portfolio, which includes several Carrier WiFi, AAA, virtualized AAA, digital BSS, and other deployments for leading fixed and mobile service providers around the world.

About Buckeye Broadband

Buckeye Broadband is the 23rd largest cable provider in the US offering high-speed internet service across its fiber-optic network. The company was founded more than 50 years ago as a multichannel video distributor and still offers traditional cable TV along with their streaming video, residential phone service, and residential IT solutions from their award-winning Brainiacs Technical Support Assistance. In addition to cable broadband, Buckeye Broadband also offers fiber internet service. Its fiber service is available to approximately 5,000 people.

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About Alepo

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Alepo reveals new logo and refreshed brand identity for the 5G and digital transformation era

Alepo reveals new logo and refreshed brand identity for the 5G and digital transformation era

The new design is clean, modern, and approachable, and represents one digitally connected world.

Thursday, February 25, 2021, AUSTIN: Digital enablement and core network solutions provider Alepo has unveiled its modernized logo and updated branding. The change comes after a climactic year with 5G core solutions going live and a new portfolio of products reaching a record number of customers undertaking digital transformation projects. 

Alepo President Derrick Gross said, “The past year has been incredible, filled with challenges, transformation, and customer success. The pandemic may have disconnected us from each other physically, but it accelerated digital connectivity to bring the world closer together. As we move forward into the 5G era, our mission to empower customers for digital success has become more clear, and our new logo design represents exactly this: a digitally connected globe.”

Alepo Logo

This new version of the logo is clean and modern. It retains the high-impact red from the previous design with a brighter plum tint. The solid triangle adjacent to the ‘A’ is now replaced by a more fluid circle or “globe” with curved lines representing next-gen digital networks and a superimposed lowercase ‘a’ conveying Alepo’s vision and role in facilitating global connectivity.  

The overall branding and design are minimalistic, and so are the fonts, reflecting Alepo’s focus on creating accessible products with universally recognizable, simple, and easy-to-use UIs that are centered around building delightful customer experiences. The predominant color across the website and collateral is a dependable and reliable blue, eliciting trust and loyalty to complement the boldness and confidence that the logo exudes. An assertive and energetic plum accompanies the blue as the secondary color.


Speaking of how Alepo adapted to the global shift to a more digital lifestyle, Gross said, “As a digital enablement company, we feel we’ve truly come of age. We’ve been building our 5G and digital BSS product portfolio over the past several years for this purpose, and took the challenges that 2020 presented to seize new opportunities, embracing this digital revolution with modern, advanced, and cost-effective solutions to cater to our clients wherever they are in the world. So we thought it fitting that our company branding should reflect our new-and-improved mission.

Gross explained how Alepo tackled global travel bans and social distancing norms: “Travel restrictions meant our experts were unable to be physically onsite to implement projects, but we worked round-the-clock to ensure our customers were successful: remotely deploying our solutions in partnership with their engineering teams or with local partners. In the years to come, we will continue to foster local relationships to build and develop global networks. And our R&D remains focused on building ROI-driven solutions that support service providers in providing advanced CX-focused and 5G offerings to their customers.”

About Alepo

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Alsard Fiber and Cellnet partner with Alepo for digital BSS and affiliate management

Alsard Fiber and Cellnet partner with Alepo for digital BSS and affiliate management

  • The project will benefit the two service providers’ ADSL, FTTH, WiFi broadband networks
  • Alepo will deploy a billing system with advanced security and automation features to stop existing revenue leaks
  • The billing system will include centralized affiliate management to streamline processes
  • Customers will have access to web and mobile self-care, reducing their dependence on physical stores and points of sale
  • The solution will also support Alsard Fiber in launching and monetizing public WiFi services, which it intends to introduce in the near future

Thursday, December 17, 2020, AUSTIN – Alsard Fiber and its subsidiary Cellnet are set to modernize their networks using a multi-tenant solution from digital enablement and revenue management software provider Alepo. The solution will include a centralized billing system with automated security features for zero revenue leakage, centralized affiliate management, and web and mobile self-care, as well as the capability to launch and monetize public WiFi services in the future.

Simplifying and streamlining the management of affiliates, Alepo’s digital BSS will benefit wholesale service provider Alsard Fiber’s growing list of broadband clients, which currently includes 15 affiliates and over 1,000 resellers. The same benefit will also be extended to its sister company Cellnet’s FTTH and ADSL resellers. While affiliates will enjoy a faster and more seamless digital experience, the service providers will be able to lower operational costs, improve revenue, and optimize resource utilization.

The two companies will be able to prevent revenue loss caused by erroneous billing through enhanced security features that their existing system is unable to provide. Alepo’s system offers increased security against hacking and eliminates manual data inputs to minimize errors.

Cellnet’s subscribers will have access to web and mobile self-care to recharge their accounts, change their plans, log complaints about any issues they face, and more.

Alepo will deploy its Digital Business Support System (BSS) with billing, CRM, affiliate management, and mobile and web self-care, as well as its scalable AAA application to enable the service providers top performance with growing subscriber counts and usage demands.

Alsard Fiber also plans to introduce public WiFi in the near future. Alepo is deploying its WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP) to launch and monetize these public hotspots with various paid and free use-cases such as bundled ISP packages and sponsored data with advertisements.

“We knew we needed to upgrade our system when we pinpointed certain discrepancies in billing that were causing revenue loss. Further, we currently maintain each of our affiliates in a different server. Alepo’s centralized billing system will ensure more secure and efficient processes and streamline affiliate management, helping us meet our true revenue potential. Alepo’s digital self-care platform will enable us to empower our customers with web and mobile options, so they no longer need to visit resellers or points of sale in person,” said Firya M. Ali, Chairman and Owner of Alsard and Cellnet.

Vishal Mathur, VP-Solution Integration, Alepo, said, “We’re pleased to partner with Alsard Fiber and Cellnet to help improve their network as they digitize their self-care to empower customers. From the network aspect, our solution is designed to iron out the existing system’s vulnerabilities and will result in improved revenue. The centralized platform will enable Alsard Fiber and Cellnet to streamline affiliate management, ensuring faster and more efficient processes that will lower operational costs.”

The project is underway and is expected to be complete within an accelerated timeframe.

About Alsard Fiber

Founded in 2007, Alsard Fiber is a leading wholesaler of IP services in all regions and provinces of Iraq. Working with leading IP providers in Europe and using fiber optic technology, Alsard Fiber delivers the highest possible quality of service. The IP from Europe is delivered via two separate redundant routes. Customers are offered a dedicated symmetrical bandwidth, not shared capacity. Alsard Fiber has a team of IT experts who provide 24/7 technical support. All Alsard Fiber’s customers can benefit from Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Dedicated Redundant Line for backup purposes, 24/7 technical support, and no filtering, monitoring, or censorship.

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About Cellnet

Cellnet was founded in 2006 as the first commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Iraq-North/Sulimanyah city. It played a major role in building internet infrastructure in Iraq/North, earning the company a reputation for providing fast and stable internet access and innovative solutions for their individual as well as corporate customers.

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About Alepo

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Costa Rica’s free public WiFi is overhauled with Alepo’s cloud monetization solution

Costa Rica’s free public WiFi is overhauled with Alepo’s cloud monetization solution

  • The consortium project led by PC Central is part of telecommunications regulator Sutel’s Zii WiFi initiative to help bridge the digital divide
  • The Zii WiFi site provides educational content, information on government procedures, access to entertainment material, and more
  • Users gain free internet access for four hours in exchange for filling in a survey
  • Alepo’s cloud WiFi SMP captures key user information and generates custom reports

Wednesday, November 11, 2020, SAN JOSE – Costa Rica’s PC Central has revamped their public WiFi offering using Alepo’s cloud WiFi Service Monetization Platform (SMP). Alepo’s platform enables the consortium, led by PC Central, to grant free internet access in exchange for completing a survey and uses an advanced reporting module to capture key user data.

PC Central and the consortium were assigned the contract for the deployment by the National Telecommunications Fund, Fonatel, as part of telecommunications regulator Sutel’s Zii WiFi initiative to provide connectivity to 515 digital zones, including parks, train stations, universities, and other public facilities. The initiative helps bridge the digital gap and provide internet access to urban as well as rural areas where broadband connectivity is low. As part of the initiative, the consortium deployed 70,000 meters of fiber optic cable, primarily in the cities of San José, Cartago, and Limón.

PC Central looked to Alepo after originally launching the WiFi network with another solution that could not meet the demands of the large user base and custom reports required by Sutel. Alepo was able to rapidly set up and migrate the traffic to its new cloud-based platform. Having gone live in October, the service is already making a significant impact, with over 25,000 new users signing on in the first week.

Casual users can access the service by filling in a survey through Alepo’s captive portal that asks for their age and work profile. On successful completion, they are granted four hours of free WiFi access. The captive portal redirects them to the Zii WiFi website, which provides educational content for all age groups, along with useful how-tos regarding government procedures that can be completed digitally. Users can also check their email, download apps, enjoy books, music, and videos. Returning customers are directly routed to the Zii WiFi site instead of the survey page.

In addition to the survey responses, Alepo’s advanced analytics and reporting module also captures key user information, including customized reports. This information is relayed to the site administrators, who intend to use the feedback to gain a deeper understanding of the demographic for future offerings.

Adriana Ramos, Project Head, PC Central, said, “We believe that communication is a public necessity, and we are committed to helping Sutel achieve its objective of making connectivity easily accessible to all. Alepo was our vendor of choice given its vast experience in deploying advanced cloud-based WiFi monetization solutions in the region, and it has helped bolster the capabilities of our service. We are pleased with the response we have received from users so far and are confident that the reporting and analytics capabilities of Alepo’s platform will enable us to continue improving our offerings.”

Juan Espinosa, Director LATAM, Alepo, said, “We are proud to partner with PC Central to help improve internet access across Costa Rica. Alepo’s WiFi Service Management Platform has replaced the legacy system to enable more advanced free journeys, with an improved data-gathering and analytics platform to generate custom reports requested by the service provider. We are confident that the newly revamped service will continue to gain popularity.”

About PC Central

PC Central is a leading solution integrator for information and communication technology solutions in Costa Rica. It is a Dell Technologies Titanium Partner.

For more information, please visit

About Alepo

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