Alepo and Italtel Collaborate to Deliver 5G Mobile Private Networks

Alepo and Italtel Collaborate to Deliver 5G Mobile Private Networks

  • The partnership combines Alepo’s innovative 5G product portfolio with Italtel’s end-to-end services and expertise in 5G networks.
  • Alepo’s cloud-native converged 4G-5G core solutions enable rapid and efficient 5G deployment with a low resource footprint.
  • Italtel provides comprehensive services, including design, integration, and operations for private 5G network roll-out.
  • The joint solution allows organizations to leverage the benefits of 5G quickly and paves the way for new use cases across industry verticals.

Monday, February 26, 2024, AUSTIN, TX – Alepo, a global provider of 5G network solutions, has announced its partnership with Italtel S.p.A., a multinational company that operates in the ICT and network transformation sector, to provide end-to-end private 5G network solutions.

Alepo brings expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-native, converged 4G-5G core network solutions covering integrated Subscriber Data Management (SDM) and Converged Policy Control. Alepo’s solutions include 3GPP standards-compliant AuSF, UDM, HSS, UDR, PCF, and PCRF functions that can be deployed as cloud-native microservices. With a lightweight resource footprint, optimized for edge deployments, Alepo’s 4G-5G core product portfolio enables the rapid and cost-effective roll-out of 5G mobile private networks (MPN).

5G mobile private network by Alepo and Italtel

Insightful convergence: AI-rendered vision of industry leaders strategizing the rollout of a cutting-edge 5G mobile private network (credit: AI-Generated)

Italtel provides comprehensive services for automated 5G MPN roll-outs, including design, integration, and operation, extending to consulting and advisory, integration and project management, addressing related technologies, applications, and use cases.

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 “We are happy to partner with Alepo for cloud native ecosystem solutions for 5G mobile private networks because of their proven capabilities in this area,” said Benedetto Di Salvo, CEO, Italtel. He added, “Alepo brings unique expertise in effectively integrating 5G network core components in a complex, micro-services, edge-network environment, and we are extremely pleased with their collaborative approach.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with a leading solutions provider like Italtel for private 5G networks. Together, we can equip enterprises to take advantage of a broad range of 5G MPN use cases, enabling rapid roll-out of customized 5G networks,” said Sunil Diaz, CEO, Alepo. “Our partnership is all about empowering organizations to leverage 5G network technology in transforming businesses through innovative applications.”

The partnership has already borne fruit, with Alepo’s solutions being tested on platforms like OpenShift, Rancher, and AWS. Alepo’s cloud-native, converged 5G Core and automation platform, recently enabled the consortium to win deals with major European telecom operators planning to offer managed mobile private network services for enterprise customers.

Alepo and Italtel will be at MWC in Barcelona from February 26 to 29, 2024. To learn more about our 5G Mobile Private Network solutions, schedule a meeting at

About Italtel

Italtel is a multinational company that operates in the ICT sector with a strong focus on innovation. It boasts decades of experience designing, developing, and deploying innovative telecom solutions and services for digital transformation that include IP convergent networks, cybersecurity, private 5G networks, data centers, hybrid cloud, managed services for the monitoring of systems, networks, IT/OT security, engineering and consultancy services, analytics & automation. The target market consists of service providers and public and private enterprises, with a specific focus on vertical markets such as Telco and Media, Manufacturing, Energy and Transportation, Finance and Insurance, Healthcare, and Smart Cities.

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About Alepo

Lüm Mobile Taps Alepo’s for Generative AI Customer Service

Lüm Mobile Taps Alepo’s for Generative AI Customer Service

SaskTel’s Digital Mobile Brand Launches AI-Powered Virtual Agent for Enhanced Digital Customer Engagement

  • Lüm Mobile adopts Alepo’s Virtual Agent for all-digital customer experience
  • Replaced old generation chatbot with human-like chat experiences
  • The vertically tuned and integrated LLM, harnessed by Alepo, is as accurate as an experienced human agent.
Austin, Texas – January 25, 2024 – Alepo proudly announces that Lüm Mobile, SaskTel’s innovative all-digital mobile brand, has launched Lümbot, a cutting-edge AI-powered virtual agent from Alepo to deliver an all-digital customer support experience. Lümbot, which lives on Lüm Mobile’s website, harnesses the power of Generative AI to provide subscribers with an unparalleled level of interaction. Unlike traditional chatbots constrained by preset rules, Alepo’s AI Virtual Agent is able to comprehend and engage in human-like customer service sessions through the use of Large Language Model (LLM). The AI Virtual Agent understands nuanced subscriber interaction and offers a high task completion rate, measured by a drastic reduction in escalations to human agents since it was soft launched late last year.
Alepo SaskTel Lumbot AI Virtual Agent PR

AI artwork depicting the future of digital customer service using Virtual Agent by Alepo (credit: AI Generated)

Lümbot is designed to handle a wide range of inputs and can understand context, resulting in dynamic and evolving conversations. By continuously learning and improving over time through access to more data, Lümbot is fine-tuned for specific tasks, making it more proficient in understanding human-like language. Lümbot excels in maintaining context in conversation and using backend IT system to complete tasks on behalf of customers. Going beyond standard virtual agents, Lümbot intelligently adapts personas in real time based on session context, offering a tailored experience for each user.

Charlene Gavel, SaskTel President and CEO, commented, “With the introduction of Lümbot, we are taking a big leap forward in our digital journey, employing generative AI and LLM technology to enable a holistic, end-to-end digital customer service experience.”

Sunil Diaz, Alepo CEO, stated: “Alepo is proud to partner with Lüm Mobile in delivering an AI-driven solution that not only enhances its digital brand but also boosts subscriber growth rates while effectively managing customer acquisition costs.”

Generative AI, a promising technology pioneered by OpenAI, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), and Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG), has seen slower than expected adoption in digital customer service mainly due to the inaccuracy risk inherent with Large Language Models, often referred to as ‘hallucinations.’ “Through vertical fine tuning and prompt engineering, we were able to reduce error rates to below human agent levels, while increasing task completion rates, through automated IT system integration. This is the secret sauce”, added Diaz.

As more vertically specialized Generative AI integrators, like Alepo, are able to solve the hallucination problem the adoption of generative AI customer service is expected to accelerate, disrupting traditional customer service tools and processes.

The Virtual Agent is able to switch between Customer Service and Sales personas, solve customer problems, answer queries, sell upgrades, provide relevant information for prospects, all while providing an accurate, enjoyable, frustration-free, chat experience.

“Digital Customer Engagement is being reinvented by Alepo. The days of rigid chatbots and frustrating IVRs are over.” concluded Diaz.

Lümbot is positioned to drive wireless subscriber take-up rates for Lüm Mobile by delivering an unparalleled digital experience. The AI virtual agent platform aims to make it easier and more enticing for customers to acquire services, ultimately boosting subscriber satisfaction. Lüm Mobile and Alepo look forward to the positive impact Lümbot will have on customer interactions and anticipate it becoming an integral part of the innovative services provided to subscribers.

For more details on the Lümbot project, see the case study here.

About SaskTel
SaskTel is the leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provider in Saskatchewan, with approximately $1.3 billion in annual revenue and nearly 1.4 million customer connections including more than 654,000 wireless accesses, 257,000 wireline network accesses, 295,000 internet and data accesses, 111,000 maxTV service subscribers, and 77,000 security monitoring customers. SaskTel and its wholly-owned subsidiaries offer a wide range of ICT products and services including competitive voice, data and Internet services, wireless data services, maxTV services, data centre services, cloud-based services, security monitoring services, advertising services, and international software and consulting services. SaskTel and its wholly-owned subsidiaries have a workforce of approximately 3,300 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs).
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About Lüm Mobile
Lüm Mobile is Saskatchewan’s only all-digital wireless service. Lüm Mobile operates on SaskTel’s expansive LTE network, which provides coverage to over 99% of Saskatchewan’s population. With no monthly bills, full speed data that never expires, only pay for what you use, and no activation fees, Lüm Mobile makes wireless simple and affordable.

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About Alepo

Alepo makes next-generation Gen AI transformation opportunities for telco’s a reality, delivering advanced software solutions and services that enable communications service providers to accelerate revenue growth, market share, and business success on fixed and mobile networks. Alepo helps accelerate digital enablement for networks of all sizes, including leading service providers globally. Known as the go-to partner for all things data, Alepo’s innovations are highly scalable, cloud-agnostic, and enable digital-first customer experiences. Alepo is based in Austin, Texas, with a presence in all regions of the world.

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MaxxSouth Broadband launches FreeNet with Alepo Carrier WiFi following Buckeye Broadband’s success

  • MaxxSouth Broadband was encouraged to launch the service using Alepo’s solution after its sister company Buckeye Broadband’s success in Ohio
  • FreeNet enables customers to access home internet for free in exchange for watching a video advertisement; they can upgrade to enable ad-free browsing
  • The service helps bridge the digital divide for underserved populations that are increasingly more reliant on residential internet in the pandemic
  • The operator generates revenue through advertisements while catering to those working or studying from home
Tuesday, January 23, 2024, Jackson, Mississippi – American internet service provider MaxxSouth Broadband has launched ad-supported free internet in Mississippi using a solution by award-winning digital enablement company Alepo. The service provider aims to replicate the success of sister company Buckeye Broadband’s FreeNet service, which was launched last year in partnership with Alepo.

“Alepo’s WiFi platform has helped Buckeye Broadband ensure that the FreeNet service is a huge success with customers in Ohio, with rapid ROI for the project, which encouraged us to recommend a similar route for our Mississippi-based MaxxSouth Broadband,” said Geoff Shook, President and General Manager, Buckeye Broadband.

FreeNet enables MaxxSouth Broadband’s customers to access the internet at home for free in exchange for watching a video advertisement. They can upgrade for uninterrupted access with ad-free browsing.

The service is particularly beneficial in bridging the digital divide that has widened in the pandemic, benefiting underserved populations that are increasingly more reliant on residential internet. While attracting new customers as well as encouraging existing ones to upgrade, it also enables the operator’s existing subscribers’ continuity of accessing the essential service.

The operator, meanwhile, can continue generating revenue through advertisements, while catering to a large segment that may be working or studying from home.

Alepo has been able to reuse some of Buckeye Broadband’s existing infrastructure for the MaxxSouth project, enabling the operator to limit upfront investment. This includes Alepo’s WiFi Service Management Platform (SMP) and captive portal, which are part of its Carrier WiFi solution. MaxxSouth Broadband’s customers are redirected to the captive portal to access the service, where the operator can display contextual advertisements. The WiFi SMP captures user data and helps generate valuable BI reports that enable the operator to provide more relevant advertisements and offers.

“Alepo’s deployment has helped Buckeye Broadband in forwarding our shared mission of bridging the digital divide and has now enabled MaxxSouth Broadband to replicate the success of FreeNet in our service area. Our demographic has needs similar to those of Buckeye Broadband’s, and already we see that our customers are benefiting equally from this service that enables them to easily access quality internet at home for free without compromising on the company’s revenue,” said Tom Bailey, Director of Technical Operations, MaxxSouth Broadband.

Sunil Diaz, Chief Executive Officer, Alepo, said, “We’re proud to have the opportunity to work on this unique project, first with Buckeye Broadband and now MaxxSouth Broadband. At Alepo, we’re aware that customer experience is pivotal in driving revenue today, and we are constantly innovating to build creative solutions that are mutually beneficial to operators and their customers. The FreeNet service aligns with our philosophy of connecting the unconnected through CX-focused and high-ROI offerings that are accessible to all segments.”

About MaxxSouth Broadband
MaxxSouth Broadband provides high-speed internet, cable TV, and digital phone services in Alabama and Mississippi in the United States. Its cable internet service caters to an estimated 260K people, making it the 31st largest cable operator in the US in terms of coverage area. In addition to cable broadband, the operator also provides fiber internet services to approximately 28,000 people.

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About Buckeye Broadband
Buckeye Broadband is the 23rd largest cable provider in the US offering high-speed internet service across its fiber-optic network. The company provides traditional cable TV, streaming video, residential phone services, residential IT solutions, cable broadband, and fiber internet services. In 2020, Buckeye Broadband successfully launched the FreeNet service using Alepo’s WiFi solution. Read more about the FreeNet project here.

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About Alepo

Alepo Technologies Inc. Appoints Sunil Diaz as CEO

Alepo Technologies Inc. Appoints Sunil Diaz as CEO

  • Sunil Diaz joins Alepo as the new CEO, bringing over two decades of telecommunication industry experience
  • Prior to Alepo, Sunil was instrumental in driving the rapid growth of Enghouse Networks, with over $100M in revenue through M&A and organic growth
  • His appointment emphasizes Alepo’s continued focus on growth through innovation and market expansion
  • Sunil’s strategic objective is to enable Alepo to deliver cutting-edge solutions, such as Alepo’s new AI-powered platform, to help customers accelerate their digital transformation initiatives

Monday, October 02, 2023, AUSTIN, TX – Alepo Technologies Inc., a leading provider of innovative telecommunications and digital solutions, is pleased to announce the appointment of Sunil Diaz as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Sunil brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of leadership in the technology industry.

Sunil Diaz, a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience in telecommunications and software development, joins Alepo with a mission to drive innovation, growth, and market expansion. Sunil served in various leadership roles at renowned technology companies, including a startup, where he demonstrated his ability to foster innovation, build teams, and deliver exceptional results. Prior to joining Alepo, his most recent role was at Enghouse Networks, where, as General Manager, he was responsible for driving $100M+ in new revenue through M&A and organic growth.

“We welcome Sunil Diaz to our executive leadership team. Alepo is known for its commitment to providing advanced digital solutions, including our latest Generative AI platform to communications service providers and enterprises worldwide. Sunil’s appointment underscores the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and ensuring customers receive the highest quality products and services.” said Jonathan Garini, Chairman of the Board, Alepo.

“I am excited to take on the role of CEO at Alepo,” said Sunil Diaz. “Alepo has a remarkable history of delivering cutting-edge solutions to the telecommunications industry. Together with our talented team, we will continue to drive digital transformation for our customers, and empower them with cutting-edge solutions such as Alepo’s new Generative AI powered platform, to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Derrick Gross, the outgoing President of Alepo, for his significant contributions to Alepo over the last ten years. I wish him all the best for the future.”

About Alepo

Teletok successfully launches its convergent billing system in collaboration with Alepo and Blue Arcus

  • The new billing platform supports 4G LTE, 3G, PSTN, and ADSL offerings
  • Alepo’s advanced convergent billing system automates critical processes, reducing manual tasks and ensuring efficiency
  • The unified platform allows Teletok to launch, manage, and monetize all its services efficiently
  • The solution digitizes the customer experience, streamlines operations, and boosts service innovation while driving revenue

Thursday, August 03, 2023, Tokelau – Teletok, the communications services operator in Tokelau, has upgraded its network by implementing Alepo’s convergent billing platform to set up its first digital billing system. This modernization has facilitated the automation of manual processes, reducing the need for human intervention. The system integrates smoothly with Blue Arcus’s 3G/4G Core and 5G-ready solutions.

Alepo has transitioned Teletok’s services onto a single billing platform, including its 4G LTE and 3G, as well as its PSTN and ADSL offerings, streamlining operations and driving revenue growth.

The complete convergent billing system allows Teletok to cater to changing demand by providing innovative prepaid offerings with plans to extend postpaid services soon. Alepo’s all-in-one billing platform eliminates dependence on multiple systems, lowers the total cost of ownership, and streamlines and automates processes while driving revenue. The solution includes Alepo’s industry-leading PCRF, online charging, AAA server, and digital business support system (BSS), with key modules for voucher management, web self-care, mobile application (android and iOS), trouble ticketing, and more.

The convergent billing platform helps Teletok to launch, manage, and monetize innovative new services from a single converged solution, keeping postpaid and prepaid customer accounts and services separate. Teletok can easily launch new bundles such as limited data passes, happy hours, and wallet offers using Alepo’s centralized product catalog, reducing time-to-market. The billing system will soon encompass postpaid services, offering customers a single invoice for all their active services.

The comprehensive solution improves customer interaction by digitizing the experience with round-the-clock support through web and mobile self-care, giving Teletok subscribers control over their accounts. Customers can manage their accounts, do e-refills, voucher recharges, raise tickets, gift credit, and perform many more account operations using the new self-care platforms.

“We’re pleased to partner with Alepo and Blue Arcus, who have demonstrated a history of success in helping transform the face of telecommunications in the Pacific. This project forwards Teletok’s commitment to modernize services in Tokelau, leveraging technology to serve the people’s needs while enabling us to automate our processes and reduce operational overheads,” said Tealofi Enosa, CEO, Teletok.

Naren Yanamadala, CEO and Founder of Blue Arcus, said, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Alepo on multiple highly successful projects, enabling operators to modernize operations and innovate services. Witnessing the transformative impact of our deployment on Teletok’s network offerings has been truly inspiring. We look forward to seeing how our partnership will deliver great value to our clients and the customers.”

Vishal Mathur, EVP of Alepo, said, “Alepo’s comprehensive billing solution has unlocked exciting monetization opportunities for Teletok. We’re proud it has elevated customer experience, optimized their end-to-end business processes, and eliminated revenue leakage and billing errors from human mistakes. Our successful collaboration with Blue Arcus assures us that this already implemented project is another notable achievement.”

About Teletok

Teletok is the primary communications service provider in Tokelau. Established over two decades ago, the company took the reins from the government of telecommunications services on and between the country’s islands. In 2017, Teletok completed significant capital projects on a 4G LTE mobile network to build a new ICT broadband platform, solar upgrade, emergency voice system (HF and VHF), and multicast. With the government-funded broadband 4G LTE mobile network, digital bridges have been constructed between islands to international destinations.

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About Blue Arcus

Blue Arcus Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of core network solutions based in California, empowers digital transformation worldwide by enhancing connectivity and streamlining efficiency. Tailored to address the dynamic requirements of various industries, Blue Arcus offers a spectrum of innovative products, including Arcus Core – our flagship offering. Built on open architecture, Arcus Core serves as a unified solution that integrates multiple technologies. Blue Arcus’s unique value proposition includes specialized services for rural and remote communities, maritime and ferry operations, tactical emergency scenarios, and comprehensive mobile network solutions.

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About Alepo

Alepo launches a revolutionary generative AI platform for telecom operators

Alepo launches a revolutionary generative AI platform for telecom operators

  •, Alepo’s cutting-edge generative AI chatbots platform, is poised to revolutionize telecom operations.
  • Unleashing the power of AI, enhances operational efficiency, streamlines team management, and revolutionizes customer engagement.
  • Alepo’s Generative AI solution incorporated into enables businesses to harness unstructured data, unlocking invaluable customer insights for personalized service delivery.
  • provides an industry-leading level of data security, ensuring complete data confidentiality and alignment with operator-specific requirements.
  • Alepo’s has robust bot management capabilities, including seamless team management, version control, and optimization features.
Wednesday, August 02, 2023, Austin – In an exciting announcement, Alepo unveils its newest product,, a generative AI chatbots platform specifically designed for telecom operators to enhance their operational efficiency, improve customer support and engagement, gain valuable customer insights, and prioritize data security. At the heart of this platform is the focus on delivering a truly transformative experience, enabling telecom operators to streamline their processes with advanced generative AI integration and manage teams more efficiently.’s comprehensive productivity suite has a vast selection of customizable templates, allowing operators to build highly personalized solutions that drive business growth and customer satisfaction. also steps up the game in customer support and engagement. With AI-powered chatbots, telecom operators can provide superior customer interaction, guiding users through their journey and collecting insightful feedback. This personalized approach sets businesses apart from the competition, fostering engagement that resonates with customers. further demonstrates its value through Alepo’s Generative AI solution, unlocking customer insights from vast unstructured data. The AI-powered platform allows telecom operators to tailor their services and marketing strategies, adapting swiftly to changing customer demands. The optimum scalability and flexibility help businesses stay ahead of the curve and future-proof their operations. Alepo takes a strong stance on data security, promising the highest level of confidentiality and security with The platform safeguards the collected data, aligning with the operator’s specific requirements and not using the data to train public models. Moreover, with, operators can efficiently manage their generative AI bots. The productivity suite allows seamless team management, version control, and prompt optimization features. These capabilities ensure maximum efficiency in developing, managing, and iteration customized bots, delivering outstanding results for telecom operations. Derrick Gross, President at Alepo, said, “With the introduction of and our advanced Generative AI services, we’re setting a new standard in the telecom industry. This platform isn’t just about streamlining operations or improving customer engagement; it’s about leveraging the power of AI to transform the way telcos operate by unlocking the value of their vast amounts of unstructured data. Alepo stands at the forefront of this exciting evolution, equipping operators with the tools to excel in the AI-driven era.” Customers can choose between SaaS or on-premise deployment for Alepo also offers professional services and 24/7 customer support for maximum value. Interested in learning more about Alepo’s and Generative AI solutions? Schedule a demo now!

About Alepo