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Home Subscriber Server (HSS)

Home Subscriber Server

Alepo’s Home Subscriber Server (HSS) is an integral part of the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network. Designed based on modern cloud-native microservice-based architecture, the 3GPP Release 16 compliant network function provides authentication and authorization of network access in 4G and 5G NSA networks. A part of Alepo’s converged core offering, it works along with the UDM to create a feasible path to 5G SA, as operators can run LTE and 5G at the same time in one solution.

What is Home Subscriber Server (HSS)?

Home Subscriber Server in telecom is an integral aspect of the EPC network. HSS is a centralized master database that stores subscriber information (such as service profiles, authentication ciphering, subscription state, device details, user’s physical location, and more), performs user authentication and authorization, and helps telecom operators manage subscriber data in real-time.

What are the functions of HSS?

The HSS in telecom manages subscriber SIM identities, subscriber’s service profile. It interfaces with the Mobility Management Entity (MME) to perform EAP AKA authentication as the device connects to the network, and authorizes access based on the subscriber service profile. The HSS usually provides an API-based interface for IT systems such as CRM to batch upload SIM cards, associate SIMs to subscribers, and activate and deactivate services.

Home Subscriber Server (HSS)

Home Subscriber Server

Seamless Registration and Authentication

Designed to be at the forefront of LTE technology, Alepo HSS is one of the industry’s leading platforms. It performs EPS-AKA-based authentication using an integrated AuC function. It also performs 4G network UE registration using subscription data stored in a centralized repository. Features include:

  • Authentication in 4G, 5G NSA networks
  • Authorizes network access and roaming based on user subscription
  • Handles inter- and intra-RAT mobility
  • Provides web-based portal to manage SIM cards, subscriber services, and sessions
  • Provides REST-based APIs for SIM management and subscription provisioning and management

Rapid Transition to 5G

Alepo HSS helps telecom operators swiftly respond to ever-evolving market needs. The cloud-native platform is based on microservice-based architecture. It enables CSPs to easily migrate from 4G to 5G by supporting Diameter as well as 5G interworking, and it interfaces with the UDR for the subscriber database that maintains a common subscriber profile for both 4G and 5G services. Operators can seamlessly deploy 5G radio over the existing 4G core. And by enabling advanced 5G use cases, the HSS helps telecom operators in attracting new customers. Key features include:

  • Provides Nxx interface support for 4G-5G interworking
  • Supports Inter-RAT and Intra-RAT mobility management
  • Supports PDU session continuity based on N26 interworking
Cloud-Native HSS

Deploy Robust Lightweight Infrastructure

Alepo HSS provides unparalleled reliability and performance by utilizing a microservice-based architecture in line with 5G Service-Based Architecture (SBA). The HSS network function uses REST-based APIs in compliance with open API 3.0 standards. The cloud-native architecture enables Alepo Home Subscriber Server to support public, private, and hybrid deployment options. Other features include:

  • Manages performance, KPI metrics, and logs (FCAPS)
  • Supports automated release management using CI/CD
  • Supports local+geographic redundancy to ensure high availability
  • Prevents vendor lock-in, paving the way for interoperability with any best-of-breeds network

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