Home Subscriber Server (HSS)

With Alepo’s Home Subscriber Server (HSS), manage customers in real-time on your LTE network.

High Performance

Alepo’s Home Subscriber Server (HSS) is an integral part of any LTE or IMS core network. By centralizing all subscriber information, the Alepo HSS separates signaling from policy, creating a more streamlined, high-performing network.

Help your network reach it’s full potential

Alepo’s HSS boasts market-leading speed and reliability, ensuring that you will have:

  • An extremely fast network
  • Decreased downtime
  • Minimized network clogging
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Consistent and lightning-fast service

Prepare to scale and grow in the future

Alepo’s system is endlessly and easily scalable. The system can expand to fit your network’s growing needs. Plus, you can add additional equipment and leverage existing hardware to avoid the risk of replacing functioning nodes.

Invest in a network you can depend on

The Alepo HSS system is high-performing and extremely reliable, offering redundancy and failover across all nodes. The Alepo HSS boasts:

  • High performance
  • High capacity
  • Low latency
  • Proven 5 9s availability
  • Easy load balancing


Easy to Use

Alepo’s HSS interface is engineered to be as intuitive yet robust as possible.

Access your network information anywhere in the world

The HSS interface is completely web-based, meaning that you can access your network information from anywhere in the world.

Keep technical and business interfaces separate

With both an Agent and Configuration Manager Portal, technical and business activities are separated into two streamlined interfaces.

Streamline your subscriber information

The HSS centralizes all subscriber information, including service profiles, authentication ciphering, and subscription state in a central location, simplifying your reporting and product creation.

Vendor Neutral

Operate a multi-vendor environment

Alepo’s HSS complies with 3GPP standards, built to be at the forefront of LTE technology. Alepo’s HSS utilizes the standard S6a interface, ensuring interoperability with LTE-ready nodes such as the MME.

Free yourself from vendor lock-in

Alepo’s HSS Server is engineered to be completely vendor neutral, allowing you to create a best-of-breeds solution. By choosing less adaptable nodes, you can suffer from “vendor lock-in,” unable to upgrade nodes to the latest technology. Alepo has years of integration experience and continued innovations to help providers:

  • Build agile networks
  • Grow their business
  • Shift quickly with the market



Lighten your data center load

The Alepo HSS is a lightweight product built specifically for LTE, without legacy technologies weighing it down.

Increase your network efficiency

The HSS contains all subscriber information, stored in a single node, which signals to the rest of the network to grant, restrict, or alter access. Centralizing this database increases performance, enabling greater network efficiency.

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