5G Unified Data Repository (UDR)

Unified Data Repository (UDR)

Unified Data Repository

Alepo’s 3GPP Release 16 compliant 5G Unified Data Repository (5G UDR) is a converged database that stores and manages subscriber data, SIM identities, and network service configurations. The UDR is used by multiple network functions such as PCF, UDM, and NEF to store service-specific parameters to be provisioned in the network for devices to use the service (such as V2X).

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What is Unified Data Repository (UDR) in 5G?

The Unified Data Repository or 5G UDR is a centralized database that stores 5G subscription information, which is used by other network functions, in the following categories: subscription profile, policy data, application data, and. The 5G network can have multiple UDRs, each accommodating a different set or subset of data and catering to different NFs, or it can have a single UDR that serves all NFs such as NEF, UDM, and PCF.

What is the function of UDR?

5G UDR in telecom enables network functions to store and access subscription information. Consumer NFs can retrieve, create, modify, and delete data stored in the UDR. The Unified Data Repository also allows the NF service consumers to subscribe and unsubscribe to data change notifications.

5G Network Function: UDR

5G Unified Data Repository

Centralized Repository

A key component of 5G service-based architecture (SBA), Alepo’s 5G Unified Data Repository (UDR) serves as a centralized data repository for subscription data, subscriber policy data, sessions, contexts, and application states. It provides standard-based API integrations with other network functions (UDM, PCF, and others) to retrieve subscriber subscription and policy data. Features include:

  • Stores and manages SIM identities, common subscriber profile for 4G and 5G subscriptions, and policy data
  • Notifies other NFs of changes in subscriber data
  • Supports REST (real-time) or batch (bulk) SIM provisioning and subscriber data provisioning
  • Stores and manages service parameters and application data for advanced use cases such as V2X, IoT, and others

Effective Data Management

Alepo’s 5G Unified Data Repository (5g UDR) includes an integrated portal that lets users configure network services and manage subscriptions and SIMs. The easy-to-use GUI displays subscription and service configuration information at a central location. To ensure subscriber privacy and security, SIM information is encrypted. Other features of Alepo’s 5G UDR in telecom include:

  • Imports and manages SIM batches efficiently
  • Allows service configurations for subscription and policy data
  • Provides a proven scalable integration framework for API provisioning
  • Enables viewing and managing subscription and policy data
5G SBA-Compliant UDR

High Performance With Reliability

Alepo’s 5G UDR provides market-leading reliability and performance by utilizing a microservice-based architecture in compliance with 5G SBA. It uses REST-based APIs that adhere to open API 3.0 standards. Its intuitive GUI helps access and manage 4G and 5G service subscriptions and its parameters. Features include:
  • Supports single- and multi-site deployment
  • Built on highly scalable high-performing NoSQL data repository
  • Offers flexible approach for data processing
  • Boasts proven five-nines availability with local and geo-redundancy support
  • Supports REST (real-time) and batch/bulk provisioning

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