BSS Transformation

BSS Transformation

Alepo’s BSS Transformation lets service providers upgrade their legacy Business Support Systems (BSS) to a truly digital 5G-ready BSS stack, empowering them to deliver digital-first customer experiences and automate business processes. With a fully modular BSS, Alepo offers digital transformation options to suit every context: full-stack deployment for greenfield operators, complete replacement of a legacy stack, or adding adjunct systems that operate alongside legacy BSS in a phased approach.

What is BSS transformation?

BSS transformation modernizes telecommunications networks by replacing a legacy business support system (BSS) with a digital BSS, enabling operators to introduce advanced digital services. The latest and most evolved digital BSS stacks are 5G-ready and support highly contextual and differentiated offerings, automate processes and back-office operations, enable an omnichannel approach to customer engagement, and more. As BSS transformation enables service innovation, lowers operational costs, improves ARPU, boosts overall revenue, and helps with future-preparedness for 5G.

How do you minimize risk in BSS transformation?

There’s no argument that the benefits of BSS transformation far outweigh the risks. These risks will depend largely on context, but one that operators can anticipate is large capital investments. To ensure they derive swift ROI, they can consider deploying a modular digital BSS platform that supports phased deployment of different modules and capabilities, enabling them to transform as they grow. Complications in migrating services and subscriber bases can be prevented by devising a robust migration strategy. Importantly, choosing a future-proof cloud-native 5G-ready digital BSS will secure their investment for many years to come.
BSS Transformation

Improve Customer Experience

With over 15 years of experience in building OSS/BSS architecture for networks globally, Alepo has evolved its digital Business Support System stack to counter legacy shortfalls. It enables operators to prepare for mobile data innovations and digital-first experiences to meet evolving customer demands, and measure success throughout the customer lifecycle. The feature-rich platform enables:
  • Digital onboarding
  • Personalized offers and promotions
  • Smart package advisor
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Complete customer care
  • Omnichannel Self-Care: web and mobile app, automated support via AI chatbots on popular platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, voice assistants like Alexa and Cortana, and more

Watch Webinar: Transforming CX and Embracing Generative AI.

Reduce Time to Market (TTM)

Alepo’s BSS Transformation provides a scalable, modern, convergent, and virtualizable network environment. It empowers service providers to automate workflows and processes and readily introduce advanced offers ahead of the competition while creating a complete digital experience for subscribers. Operators can efficiently create, launch, deliver, and manage services within hours.

Download Flyer: Alepo’s 5G-Ready Digital BSS

Cloud-Native BSS Solution
5G Digital BSS Stack

Increase Operational Efficiency

Legacy OSS/BSS contains complex proprietary systems that drive up operational touchpoints and perpetuate slow organizational processes. Alepo’s Digital BSS facilitates exponentially faster implementation of changes as it possesses the following features:
  • Intelligent – fully modular architecture, self-healing capabilities, and CI testing
  • Cloud-native – not dependent on hardware and is on public cloud, which also increases longevity
  • Open APIs – conforms to standards and integrates with anything
  • Automated – provisioning, fulfillment, testing, chatbots
  • Microservices architecture – flexible decoupled services coding, allows adding new components in the system anytime and ensures scalability

Watch recording: Webinar on zero-touch networks.

Lower Costs

Alepo’s digital transformation solution deploys easily and translates into significantly lower TCO compared to legacy OSS/BSS, through features including:

  • Adaptable modular architecture
  • Flexible deployment models (physical, cloud, hybrid)
  • 24/7/365 GTAC assistance

Download Case Study: TTC significantly lowers OPEX and overall TCO with Alepo’s unified convergent billing platform for all services.

BSS Transformation

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